Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language
Java History

You may think that history makes facts. You will be amazed to know Java history. Take the quiz to know more

10 Questions
Java Acronyms

There are some important acronyms which java developers usually use to communicate with each other. It is a kind of a language no...

10 Questions
Java Compilation Errors

This quiz will help you recognize common compilation errors. Usually, IDEs are powerful enough to capture such errors on the fly....

4 Questions
Java Basics

Some fundamental questions about Java that you should know and may be asked during interviews

6 Questions
Java Programming Basics

Test your knowledge with some basic knowledge of Java

8 Questions
Java arrays

Array is an important structure in programming language and Java programming language no difference

4 Questions
Java conditions

The quiz presents a Java code that takes an input and prints an output based on some conditions. Take the quiz and test your unde...

5 Questions
Check if a string is Null or Empty

It is sometimes not practical to work out a string object immediately before validating if it is null or not

Check if a string has a white space at any position

It is important sometimes to check a string and make sure that it does contain a white space (e.g. space, new line, tab, etc ...).

Make a phone number callable in Android

You may want to present a number and make it callable.

An efficient way to delete an item from a dynamic list

It is sometimes tricky working with linked lists if you are searching for an item to delete it.

Variables and Memory Optimization

When you start coding, you need to be mindful to memory usage and leakage.