Chemistry APIs

A collection of chemistry REST APIs that provide detailed calculations for chemistry related formulas

GET /++getChemElement


The /++getChemElement service handles requests to retrieve comprehensive information about a specified chemical element.  It processes the input, retrieves element properties, and formats the response.

Request Parameters

  • element (string, required): The symbol of the chemical element.


  • 200 OK: Returns a JSON object with the element's properties.
  • 400 Bad Request: Missing required parameters.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: An unknown error occurred.


"Element": {
"name": "Silver",
"symbol": "Ag",
"atomicNumber": 47,
"group": 11,
"period": 5,
"phase": "solid",
"discoveredBy": "Prehistoric",
"year": null
"Atomic Properties": {
"atomicMass": 107.868,
"atomicRadius": 1.8,
"density": 10.5,
"electronegativity": 1.93,
"firstIonization": 7.5762,
"isotopes": 27,
"massNumber": 108,
"neutrons": 61,
"protons": 47
"Physical Properties": {
"meltingPoint": 1234.15,
"boilingPoint": 2435,
"specificHeat": 0.235
"Chemical Properties": {
"config": [
"[Kr] 4d10 5s1"
"metal": true,
"metalloid": false,
"nonmetal": false,
"radioactive": false,
"natural": true,
"valence": 0,
"shells": 5,
"type": "Transition Metal"

GET /++makeChemCompound


The /++makeChemCompound endpoint handles a request to compute details about a chemical compound, including its formula, occurrences, molar mass, and percentage composition by mass of its constituent elements. It supports input parameters for the compound's weight, moles, or number of molecules but only one of these measurements is allowed at a time.

Depending on the provided measurement parameter (weight, moles, molecules), the API computes the stoichiometric amounts of the Compound.  So, compound stoichiometric amounts may or may not be in the response

Request Parameters

  • compound (string, required): The formula of the chemical compound (e.g. H2O).
  • weight (string, optional): The weight of the compound in grams (e.g. 2).
  • moles (string, optional): The amount of the compound in moles (e.g. 2).
  • molecules (string, optional): The number of molecules of the compound (e.g. 2e+24).


  • 200 OK: Returns a JSON object with compound information.
  • 400 Bad Request: Missing required parameters.
  • 401 Unauthorized: More than one measurement provided.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: An unknown error occurred.


"formula": "H₂O₁",
"occurrences": {
"H": 2,
"O": 1
"molar mass (g/mol)": 18.015,
"percent of element in compound": {
"H": 11.19067443796836,
"O": 88.80932556203163
"stoichiometric amounts": {
"grams": 2,
"molecules": 6.683319456008882e+22,
"moles": 0.11101859561476547

POST /++getChemEfPercentComposition


This endpoint handles requests for calculating the empirical formula based on input data. It first validates the subscription status of the request and then processes the input data to compute the empirical formula. The endpoint also includes error handling for various scenarios.


  • Method: POST
  • Body: JSON object with key-value pairs representing the input data for the empirical formula calculation.


  • Status Codes:
    • 200 OK: Request was successful, and the empirical formula was calculated.
    • 400 Bad Request: The request was invalid due to one of the following reasons:
      • The number of elements in the request body exceeds 20.
      • The sums of the percentages in the input data do not equal 100.
    • 500 Internal Server Error: An unknown error occurred while processing the request.
  • Response Body:
    • On success: A JSON object containing the empirical formula.
    • On error: A JSON object containing an error message.

Example Request

    "H": 20,
    "O": 80

Example Response

Success Response (200 OK)

"ef_formula": "H₄O₁"

Error Response (400 Bad Request - Too Many Elements)

    "error": "The number of elements cannot exceed 20"

Error Response (400 Bad Request - Percentages Do Not Sum to 100)

    "error": "the sums of the percentages is not equal to 100"

Error Response (500 Internal Server Error)

    "error": "Unknown error <error_message>"

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