Draw Formula Graph

Pass in the formula and draw its graph

You can use this tool to visualize a graph for the following types of equations

You can only use variable \(x\) and \(y\) in the entered equation

Linear Equations:

  • \(y=mx+b\)
  • \(ax+by+c=0\)

Quadratic Equations:

  • \(y=ax^2 + bx + bc\)

Cubic Equations:

  • \(y=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d\)

Exponential Equations:

  • \(y =a \cdot b^x\)

Trigonometric Equations:

  • \(y = \sin (x)\)
  • \(y = \cos (x)\)
  • \(y = \tan (x)\)

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